About – vex 3
Buckle up and get ready for the crazy adventures in the world of vex, where everything is trying to kill you and get on your nerves and if by chance you get to see another level in this game, than it means that you have the right skills and concentration to overpower the difficult mechanisms that are used in the famous game of Vex. Vex was tested by multiple people before it could be available for you and your friends, and guess what were most frequent reviews? “This game is hard”; “this game is insanely hard and addictive at the same time, I can’t stop playing”; “not only do I play Vex in my house, I also play it in the school every day, it will probably cost me some grades, but I need to get in the final stage of this game!”. After reviews like this, we were proud to present our creation to the real world for you to play and enjoy this piece of pixilated art, we will be more than proud to see people going all the way to the final stage, because we are just as crazy about this game as you will be pretty soon.

Vex is a game for people who like to experience adrenaline rush in virtual situations, it is made to be played by people who enjoy playing games that don’t go easy on you, when playing Vex there are multiple situations when the protagonist must thread the needle to get to the objective, crazy dangerous jumps, ideally timed crouches and thoughtful style of play is necessary from you to receive maximum pleasure when playing Vex. Don’t slip and fall, because you will be starting from the last time you saved and that can be really annoying sometimes, but simultaneously Vex gets you so addicted in itself that dying is not an option anymore, the first and the most important goal is to reach the end of the level and see what comes next. The best part of it is the present community playing Vex, you will have to beat quite a lot of people to get yourself in the leader boards.

Additional features in Vex include stage builder, where you can construct your own impossible stages and the newest addition in Vex is ghost recording, by which you can record your play in your computer. Get ready to expose yourself to the dangerous world of Vex and play your best game to reach difficult goals and objectives.

Game Description
Yepi presents you with the famous game of Vex, be the part of the thrill, take risks and be rewarded with surprisingly real emotions when going through difficult stages in this crazy addicting game. Vex is a complex game that requires tough character and quick-witted attitude for you to find out the right way to pass the difficult stages that are specially made by developers to tickle your nervous system and reward you in case you leave all the danger behind and step into the peaceful zone, waiting for the next stage.

Despite the fact that Vex doesn’t have a complex control system and on top of that is not famous for its astounding graphics, Vex carries a kind of mysterious spirit with it, addicting you to the game, after you try our Vex any other games will seem easy for you and won’t bring you any satisfaction, you’ll find yourself constantly returning to Vex to receive adrenaline doses by jumping over obstacles and squeezing into places you thought was impossible at first, be careful when playing Vex, take your time and evaluate every step you take, because only one mistake is enough for you to return back to where you started.